Goshin Jutsu: 

Goshin Jutsu is a mixed martial art which emphasizes self-defense using holds, chokes, and other ranges of empty-hand techniques.  While Goshin Jutsu focuses on solid physical fitness and some heavy contact it is considered a 'gentle art' in that mastery of technique through position and leverage is more important than strength. Training involves all ranges of fighting from stand up to ground attacks, escapes, and defensive positions.  Most techniques come from Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, and Aikido, and include specialized bunkai (application) to improve students' knowledge.

Training focuses on four key phases of a fight: 

  Fight Phase #1) Close the Distance

For Goshin Jutsu trained fighters, the ground is their element and the clinch their prerequisite means to getting there.  In a fundamental way closing the distance is the most dangerous part of the fight.  The conventional techniques most attackers rely on, punches and kicks, are readily available to them at this stage.  Crossing through the attacker's range of attacks to a position which negates these tools is a critical skill in this phase.

Fight Phase #2) Takedown

This is an inevitable consequence of most fights as the vast majority end up on the ground, even between two non-grapplers.  By accepting this fact and initiating the takedown the Goshin Jutsu fighter can move the fight into an area his or her attacker is not familiar with.  Some traditional martial arts do not emphasize grappling and ground fighting.  This gives the Goshin Jutsu fighter a significant advantage once the fight is taken to the ground.   

Fight Phase #3) Gain Control

Once on the ground the Goshin Jutsu fighter can unleash a battery of techniques that will enable him or her to gain control.  This is a transitory phase of the fight and these techniques are specifically designed to set up any one of a number of highly effective finishing techniques.

Fight Phase #4) Apply Finishing Technique

Once the Goshin Jutsu fighter has gained control an array of techniques are available to force the opponent to submit.  Punching an opponent is obviously one option, but the Goshin Jutsu stylist is trained to force an opponent to surrender without inflicting severe damage to the face or head.  It's just a matter of time before the fight ends with a choke or painful joint lock.

Goshin Jutsu sets the goal of finishing techniques as providing the practitioner with an opportunity to escape a very real survival threat intact.  Students of this art will consider disabling an attacker only if it is deemed absolutely necessary for safe escape and survival, and then only to the extent which insures that safe escape!

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