Here are some frequently asked questions of students new to Martial Arts training:

Q: What are the benefits of martial arts training?

A: Students experience many benefits from martial arts training.  These include cardiovascular fitness, weight loss, an increase in strength, greater mental focus, and improved self confidence.  Another benefit that many students agree on is the wonderful atmosphere at the Tri-City School of Karate and the great friendships they have found there.

Q:  Do I have to be in shape to join?

A:  The better your fitness level the more quickly you will progress, however individuals at all skill levels and capacities are welcome to join.  The Tri-City School of Karate instructors and fellow students are very friendly and will assist all new students to work within their abilities.

Q: What will I need in terms of equipment to attend classes?

A: To begin you will only need a white gi (karate uniform) which can be obtained right at the school.  A pair of sparring gloves is recommended as well.  As you progress in your training, you will add equipment as needed.

Q: I am a bit nervous about Martial Arts training.  Will other students push too hard and perhaps injure me?

A: Traditional Karate is very strict that the Uke and Tori (training partners) show the utmost respect for one another.  This means that students are required to be aware of the skill level of their partners and train in such a way that the partner is challenged, but is still enjoying the process.  You will find the atmosphere at the Tri-City School of Karate to be warm and fun as well as challenging.

Q: How much does training cost?

A: For the most up to date individual and family plan costs, please call and speak directly with Shihan Weyer.  From the main page please click on 'Location/Contact' for more details.  Or click on the 'Contact Us' link below.  Note that the Tri-City School of Karate utilizes no contracts.

Q: How often can I come to class?

A: As often as you would like!  The more classes you attend, the more quickly your abilities will develop.  Note that as you begin, you will be focused on the Beginner Class, and then will graduate to the Intermediate Class and so on.  Many students choose to regularly attend the Beginner and Intermediate classes after graduating to the next level for more training days and to help newer students develop.  Also note that beginning students can immediately attend the Goshin Jutsu class.  From the main page please see our Class Schedule for more details.

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